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Does your Digital Process still spark joy?

A refreshing new way of doing data analysis and process optimization

Consulting can sometimes be perceived as boring. But not with us. We're all about enjoyment.

Imagine an experience somewhere between Jochen Schweizer, a Thermomix Party, and Marie Kondo – it will be exciting and full of surprises. We'll get our hands dirty and try out some new "recipes," but in the end, everything will have found its new place.

What to Expect

Experience the joy of decluttering

Let's pull all your digital tools and data out of their digital closets. We represent your processes by garments, and go though everything, find what still sparks joy and what can go, and help you reorganizing and visualizing your processes in an optimized and intuitive way.

Prior to our visit, we will request some digital example files and information from you. During our visit, we will record the process. At the conclusion of our visit, you will have the opportunity to experience using your data with our Futurity Fashion Pipeline. Following our visit, you will receive a video that can be shared with everyone in your organization, detailing your experience, explaining the results, and gaining buy-in within your organization.

If you are interested in learning more and receiving a quote, please connect with us at

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